Back Septagram Internet Hazard Catalogue Entry 19 - [Delayed Screamer]
Hazard type: Visual Vector: Image Danger: Non-lethal/Low disruption Range: Limited
Mask2_amplified.jpg, also known as Delayed Screamer, is a specific image of a dark room framed by high-frequency noise. A viewer of this image will, within approximately 48 hours, suddenly and without warning experience a split-second auditory-visual hallucination. This hallucination invariably involves a distorted face and a loud sound. The sound itself varies, often a popping or slapping sound. The face is less concrete, but usually has a combination the following characteristics: After experiencing this hallucination, it is never experienced again, even after viewing the image for a second time. Because it is only one image, block-level comparison is sufficient for filtering. Filtering was introduced in Septagram Netcleaner 2004 ERC-3 Image Deactivated by Septagram Netcleaner 2004