Back Septagram Internet Hazard Catalogue Entry 23 - [Descent Into Underworld]
Hazard type: Cognitive Vector: Narrative Danger: Non-lethal/Low disruption Range: Widespread
Descent Into Underworld (DiU) is a narrative that begins as an apparently benign personal anecdote. At some point in the narrative, the author reports that at this moment they died. In spite of this, the story continues. Attempts to read past this point are unsuccessful; although time is ostensibly spent reading, nothing can be remembered after finishing. Attempts to take notes of the story while reading is successful, but the resulting notes have the same effect. Although the disruption level of this hazard is low, it is considered at best a nuisance and at worst disturbing. Thankfully it is easily filterable; simple variations on the substring "and then I died" are sufficient to cover 95% of DiU narratives. Filtering has been supported since the earliest public version of Septagram NetCleaner.